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  • Electric mop tb-780

Electric mop tb-780

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Selling points:

Multi mode / brush head switching can be used for mopping, brushing, waxing, polishing and other household cleaning brushes

Multi segment length design, flexible joints, convenient use, unlimited posture

The integrated water tank design can spray clean water, waxing agent, cleaning liquid, etc. at any time

Split design, convenient storage and separate charging

90 ° up and down, 180 ° left and right, corresponding to the narrow area along the corner of the wall

Commodity specifications

Product size: 335 * 180 * 103mm

Outer box size: 600 * 340 * 160mm

Net weight of single set: 1.8kg

Single gross weight: 4.3kg

Packing quantity: 1 / box

Product barcode: 6935217607312

Commodity parameters

Power: 30W

Noise: ≤ 10dB

Battery capacity: 2000 Mah

Speed: mop 150 RPM / min

Brush 500 rpm / min

Service time: 40min

Water tank capacity: 120ml

Bending angle: 0-180 °

Product color: white


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