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Rotary floor scrubber

  • Floor washer vc1089

Floor washer vc1089

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Selling points:

Suction, dragging, washing and elimination are carried out simultaneously

Dry and wet garbage, clean it again

Water curtain technology, live water cleaning

Hands free, self-cleaning

A variety of ground materials are compatible

Large sewage tank, long service time

Commodity specifications

Product size: 17 * 25 * 110cm

Outer box size: 68.5 * 25.6 * 17.7cm

Net weight of single unit: 3.8kg

Single gross weight: 4.8kg

Clean water tank: 400ml

Sewage tank: 800ml

Commodity parameters

Rated voltage: 100-240V

Battery capacity: 22.2v 2200ma

Charging time: 4-5h

Ground running time: 25min

Power: brushless -

Noise: ≤ 60dB

Air flow: brushless -1.5m ³/ min

Suction efficiency: brushless - 48%

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